YouTube - Education's Friend or Foe?

At a CPD session with lecturers at a large Scottish FE college, I asked a group of 16 staff, representing the curricular range of their college, what resource they used most often for teaching and learning. Unanimously, the answer was “YouTube”. No longer is the primary source of materials for this group text, journals, newspapers or recorded video.

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“The Poor Man’s Copyright” goes digital

Let me set the scene:
You’ve just written an incisive article, a romantic short story, haunting lyrics, a much needed training programme, drawn a searingly political cartoon strip, devised a novel business proposal, an innovative advertising campaign, created cleverly composed images, written a catchy melody, devised a new dance, coded a new app etc etc etc ……………………. 

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Images are one of the main aspects of copyright issues – and not just in education, but also throughout business and the media.  There are many well-documented cases of alleged infringement of images of celebrities in images circulated far and wide on social media. 

Read the *********Licence!!

I started off my last post with the phrase “the hits just keep on coming” – and they still do! There was extensive media coverage this past week of the advert featuring the young dancer “Fatima” and her “new” career in cyber something or other. There was widespread condemnation of the message which implied that dancing is not a worthwhile career.

Copyright? Load of nonsense – everyone infringes copyright and nothing happens

Well, tell that to the three Scottish pubs who were last week ordered by the Court of Session to pay SKY £10,000 each for showing sports channels to their customers without the necessary SKY licence.  In addition to the penalty, the licensees also had to pay undisclosed costs and pay for newspaper notices indicating the court ruling – self naming and shaming! 

Your guide to the copyright maze​

Don't get lost, don't get confused​, Don't get Caught.

Copyright without the jargon

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